Update 1.0.1

  • Fixed schema images for trailers attached to Lizard Cougar
  • Fixed left/right rotation invert axis of all snow blades
  • Fixed new stations names for mods
  • Fixed error when selling shovel which is in shovelfilltrigger
  • Fixed time scale on client if server changes time scale after "client accept" and sync end in multiplayer
  • Fixed rare issue with snowing on client in multiplayer
  • Fixed possible loss of snow with snow blades
  • Fixed minimap position with aerial tramway
  • Fixed issues with input binding reset to standard
  • Fixed gamepad and keyboard controls of skid steer loader
  • Fixed issue when standing in tramway trigger and switching to a vehicle

  • Added 3d motor sound in multiplayer
  • Added ingame missions for mp clients in multiplayer
  • Added map to display information of savegames
  • Improved position of pistenbully 100 indoor camera
  • Improved Lizard Cougar snow blade max height
  • Improved width of Lizard Cougar and Lizard Plow
  • Improved salt usage of Lizard Cougar (3 times more than Lizard Geo)
  • Improved Lizard Cougar salt particle system
  • Improved snow blade handling
  • Decreased price of snow cannons
  • Increased range of skid steer loader bucket
  • State of help icon checkbox is now saved
  • Unloading of snow from trailer can be interrupted now

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